Leonardo Rizzo & Team Akademìa for Alter Ego Italy

Diversity - Leave your Mark

17 November 13:00


Leonardo Rizzo – International Creative Director for Alter Ego Italy – with the support of Team Akademìa and Rudi Rizzo present the show: Diversity  #Leaveyourmark

Diversity is a journey in search of distinctiveness; what makes us unique? What distinguishes us from others? Our peculiarities are a precious heritage that we must embrace with conscious acknowledgment. In a world that dictates what is right and what is beautiful there’s a growing will to stand out from the crowd rediscovering what makes us unique: it’s precisely for this reason that the role of hairdressers from all over the world becomes crucial.  It will be their day-to-day challenge to beautifully frame people’s peculiarities, helping them to uncover the hidden beauty that lies within.

Team Leader on stage: Leonardo Rizzo [Alter Ego Italy International Creative Director]
Determined to follow in his father’s footsteps, at the age of 15 Leonardo began working as an assistant in the Knightsbridge salon. But hairdressing wasn’t Leonardo’s only study; whilst training, he simultaneously undertook a four year degree in Business and Spanish at Queen Mary’s University in London, fitting in hairdressing at weekends and during the holidays. Leonardo’s role today as both a Wella Global Guest Artist and Sanrizz Global Ambassador makes him responsible for education, imagery and international work - from photo shoots in London, Hamburg and Berlin to stage shows, seminars and hands-on teaching in China, Japan, Russia, USA and Europe. He’s also a regular presenter on the Wella TrendVision Insights Tour and a finals judge for the Wella Trendvision Awards.

Hairstylists on stage: Rudi Rizzo
The latest member of the acclaimed Rizzo family to step into the spotlight, Rudi’s achievements have already taken the global hairdressing industry by storm. ‘Being part of the family business wasn’t an option for me, it was my direction’ says Rudi. ‘Working with hair in various capacities has interested me from an early age, learning firstly from my father and then my brother, Leonardo’.Hairstylists on stage: Team Akademìa 
They’re specialized in cut & color techniques, styling and hair care, and bring their knowledge to hairdressers day after day. They are our ambassadors in Italy and in the world and it is thanks to them that it was possible to believe in our motto “Knowledge In Motion”.